Is your business prepared in the event of a natural disaster?

Natural disasters may be unpredictable, but their effects can be minimized by acknowledging the risks and creating a preparedness action plan.

The Philippine workplace is unprepared. And if this persists, businesses will continue to suffer critical losses.

The INFORM Global Risk Index for 2018 attributed one of Asia’s highest rankings to the Philippines. The Index is a way to understand and measure the risk of humanitarian crises and disasters, and how the conditions that lead to them affect sustainable development.

The ranking of 5.2 is due, in part, to the Philippines significant exposure to severe weather events such as tropical cyclones and flooding, seismic events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami; and the complex geography of an archipelago of 7,107 islands of which 2000 are inhabited by an estimated 106 million people.

Businesses were among those severely affected by natural disasters over the years, disrupting telecommunications, causing power outages and damaging infrastructures.

We can help you.

Our services help you better visualize the impact of environmental and natural disasters on your business by providing you with critical information to make better decisions when it comes to safety, operational efficiency, disaster preparedness, and business continuity.

We have an innovative approach to provide you with environmental & natural disaster information using the latest technologies to make it simple, high quality, and cost effective

Innovative Environmental & Natural Disaster Information Solutions

Visualization & Data

Applications and datasets that help you better visualize the impact of environmental and natural disasters on your business.

Managed IOT

We have a unique passion to build and manage community based IOT networks related to weather, location visibility, air quality, lightning/thunderstorms, earthquakes, and more.

Disaster Visibility

Enhance or supplement disaster preparedness efforts by providing citizens and businesses access to near real-time images of local surroundings.


From application development, education & trainings, digital transformation, sustainable transformation, to parametric insurance.

“Paligid” is a Filipino word that means “Surroundings”

Paligid Technologies Inc.

A startup founded in 2017. We are a Filipino IT consulting firm with a focus on environmental and natural disaster information.

PaligidTech  is an application that displays information about weather, tropical cyclones, earthquakes, lightning, and air quality. It provides users with location visibility, observations, forecast, warnings, reports & analysis, and can be extended to display advanced insights. It is mostly used by business continuity managers handling multi site operations in the Philippines. The application is now available in web version and native mobile application will be available soon.


  • IT-BPM
  • Government & NGO's
  • Individuals

500+ Users as of August 2018

Used by companies for Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

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